Various pictures from towing around Massachusetts - Page 2
Outbound the Chelsea Creek at the Chelsea St Bridge with a crane barge alongside.
Heading down the Creek for the McArdle Bridge
Alongside RDA's crane barge in Menemsha on Martha's Vineyard.
RDA using the weight of a truck to free up a crane wire.
Walking the crane off the barge at Menemsha
Shifting the barge back to the pier
Alongside barges at C Whites Yard in East Boston, MA
Working with C White at the Irving Oil dock
C Whites barge at Lovell's Island
Alongside C White's material barge in East Boston
Working at lovell's Island
Positioning the barge at Lovell's to put the float in
Driving the piles in at Lovell's
Boston Waterbus Service's Beachmaster
We put the barge in the bridge for RDA in Beverly, MA
Towing C White's crane barge to Newburyport, MA from Boston
At the Rt 1 bridge in Newburyport
Secured at the pier in Newburyport
Towing a crane barge at work at Boston Light
Approaching the McArdle Bridge with Cashman's Jackie B alongside
Jackie B in Fitzgerald's railway, Chelsea, MA
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