Abaco Marine Towing, LLC is based out of Clayton, New York and operates on the St Lawrence Seaway, Great Lakes and New York State Barge Canal. We offer ship assist, general towing, marine firefighting, icebreaking and emergency towing and salvage.

The Abaco is twin-screw model bow tug capable of ship assists in Ogdensburg or barge tows throughout the Saint Lawrence Seaway, Great Lakes and NY State Barge Canal.
The Carina is ex-Army T-boat capable of hauling cargo and passengers throughout our work area and is also capable of towing. We specialize in servicing the Thousand Islands with her.
Abaco Marine was hired on Sept 21 to assist the crane barge Simonsen up the Seaway from Snell Lock (Massena)  to Cape Vincent. Tug Abaco performed the service for the new owner, Basic Marine of Escanaba, MI. Simonsen is 140 x 60, and Basic sent the Nicklena to tow her to MI.
A Partial Client List
RJ Marine Associates, Beluga Special Projects, the Port of Ogdensburg, McAllister Towing, Clayton Fire Department, Fourth Coast Alternative Energy Company
For more information, please contact
Capt DeWitt Withington 315.783.7447
Capt Augusta Withington 315.408.7443
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